Slot games are comprised of many different themes with one of the favourites being the themes that include motorcycles. Aside from these and all the other great themed slots, there are progressive slots.

What makes these so appealing is the potentially huge amounts of money that can be won on them. Different casino gaming software companies will create different progressive slot machines. What makes these unique to other slots, is that the amount of money that can be won continues to increase until there is a jackpot winner. Then once this happens, the amount is reset to a predetermined amount, and once again it continues to grow until it is won.

With traditional slots, the most you can win is a fixed amount. It doesn’t change no matter how many times it is won.

While the progressive slots are exciting, they are often more expensive to play, and most often you have to be place a maximum bet in order to cash in on the jackpot, if you get the winning combination. If you are not playing the maximum and this happens, then you will end up with a prize, but nothing close to what the progressive jackpot is.

There are also some differences in the slots where some are stand-alone, and others are not. For example, a stand-alone progressive accumulates the increase according to the number of players that are playing the slot at a specific casino. Other types may be that the game is being played at several casinos, and the accumulation is based on total game play at them all.

There have been some big winners online when it comes to progressive slot wins. You will certainly want to at least try this form of slot playing, depending on what you can afford to play with, as they are more expensive.