Even a basic slot game is a whole lot of fun. Basic meaning the traditional type slots that are comprised of three reels, and the object of the game is to line up three paying icons on the pay line. These are still readily available today, and remain popular.

The fun of slot playing has been extended with video slot machines that are comprised of many lines to bet on, and more reels. Then, added to this is the great themes like the wonderful motorcycle themes such as the Slots Angels. For those that are into these types of bikes, then these slot games carry an extra thrill.

Just being able to place a bet on each spin of the reels is exciting. The anticipation is to land the paying out icons. The excitement of this has been extended by wilds and scatters being added to the paying icons which increases the chances of getting winning combinations.

The more modern day slots have extra fun added to them with bonus features. Some of these are extra bonuses that can be randomly triggered, or bonuses from collecting specific icons during one spin. The bonus games can be comprised of many different components. Some may offer a game within the game. Others may be mystery prizes.

Then another favourite is the free spins feature. When this is triggered in means a certain number of spins will be free, so the player is not playing with their own money, yet they have a chance of landing a win based on the bet they place. Sometimes these free spins can be re-triggered through the free spin play which can add up to a lot of free spins.

There are many things to consider when it comes to the extras that some slot machines offer.